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We're a student-run organization at UC Berkeley focused on blockchain innovation via education, research, and consulting.

year in review

State of the Ledger

2021 was a year of community, challenges, and promising beginnings. Through tumultuous transitions, one thing was consistent: our members’ dedication to building, defining, and learning. Read more to learn about the impactful projects and initiatives spearheaded by B@B members in 2021 and stay tuned as we cross more milestones in the new year.


Build. Educate. Innovate.

Blockchain at Berkeley drives innovation in the blockchain industry by building an ecosystem that empowers students to make an impact through practical education, consulting for enterprise companies, and conducting open source research.


Blockchain at Berkeley engages in both consulting and research initiatives for industry partners looking to work with skilled intellectuals focused on blockchain. We have completed various projects across many industries and continue to improve our expertise.


We aim to create an inclusive environment and provide a space for people of any background to grow and thrive. You can find our courses and educational content on platforms like edX, YouTube, and on campus through DeCal courses offered to UC Berkeley students.


Our research team is made up of highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to using their industry expertise to push the boundaries of the space. We also have a governance team that participates in improving many top protocols by voting on community made proposals, and even making our own.


Our previous clients

Blockchain at Berkeley is an award-winning blockchain consulting and development team. We believe in the power of blockchain applications and seek to expand understanding across industries, academia, governments, and beyond.


Raised Follow-On Funding


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Global Partners

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

The Xcelerator is UC Berkeley’s university-based, blockchain accelerator founded and staffed by Blockchain at Berkeley as a joint venture with Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, SCET of Berkeley Engineering. Since its inception in 2019, the Xcelerator has accelerated 85 companies that have raised a total of $450M+ in follow-on funding, making the Xcelerator one of the best in it’s class.

new initiative

Navigating the Frontier of Crypto Regulation

In the United States, obstruction of privacy has regularly been used as a way to observe citizens by government agencies. Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency, is built upon blockchain technology and allows for the possibility of an open, inclusive, global financial system. In their infancy, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were unregulated.

Interest in moderating the space has exploded in the last two years, as lawmakers have realized the space is messy and rules must be set in place. We’ve spent several months closely watching the ensuing attempts at regulating the space.  We provide an overview of crypto regulation and its implications.