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Blockchain at Berkeley engages in both consulting and research initiatives for industry partners looking to work with skilled intellectuals focused on blockchain. We have completed various projects across many industries and continue to improve our expertise.


Our developers are students who are committed to expanding their knowledge of computer science. Beyond web and blockchain development skills, we pride ourselves in designing technically beautiful solutions to complicated problems.


Because blockchain is an interdisciplinary field, our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds. From product launch strategy to use case evaluation, we work with the client to set a good direction and iterate until the best solution is found.


The biggest barrier to adoption of blockchain is tedious user experience and low familiarity with the technology. Our product designers play a strong role in bridging this gap, and are involved from start to finish in all levels of the project.

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Our previous clients

Blockchain at Berkeley is an award-winning blockchain consulting and development team. We believe in the power of blockchain applications and seek to expand understanding across industries, academia, governments, and beyond.

new initiative

Community Node Initiative

Our Community Node Initiative enables us to take a more active role in the blockchain community by operating nodes for decentralized protocols. We've started with several nodes and through community engagement, we aim to host more. As a student-run organization, our motivations for running nodes are purely educational. We also have a desire to help progress innovative projects led by our community members. We are not led by profits. We bring a unique perspective to the community to ensure that the proper motivations are behind every network decision.