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Join over 150,000 students in earning our renowned BerkeleyX Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate verifying completion of our two-pronged, free online course series developed by Blockchain at Berkeley and faculty from UC Berkeley’s premier Computer Science department.

198.1X Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: You will learn about Bitcoin’s vital predecessors, revolutionary Cypherpunk history, technical mechanics, real-world manifestations, crucial vulnerabilities, and protocol differences with Ethereum.

198.2X Blockchain Technology: You will learn about the plethora of foundational and alternative consensus mechanisms, the meaning and properties of cryptoeconomics, the ways governments and enterprises have utilized and regulated blockchain, and blockchain’s fatal scalability barrier.

Blockchain Fundamentals Decal

The blockchain space is a union of both groundbreaking technical achievements and pivotal social movements. Technical topics include the basics of cryptography and economics, the key components of Bitcoin, and the myriad of newly evolved blockchain ideas and technologies. Societally, we cover the history of digital currency and the laws, organizations, trends, and communities that compose the ecosystem. The goal of this course is to surmount the steep learning curve of blockchain technology, looking beyond buzzwords to develop a thorough understanding of the moving parts of both technical and non-technical facets. By the end, you will understand how blockchain technologies work and the institutions, ideas, and innovation sprouting from them.

Blockchain Developers Decal

Despite the tremendous demand for blockchain developers, there is a distinct shortage, with blockchain developers being offered salaries as high as 250k. This course gives you the toolkit and industry-relevant experience you need to capitalize on this demand. Topics include Bitcoin from a developer’s perspective, a deep-dive into Ethereum’s tech stack, and smart contract development and security. Targeted at students with a programming background, you will learn how to prototype, test, and deploy using industry-relevant tools such as the Solidity programming language, Metamask, Infura, Truffle, and Ganache, giving you the experience necessary to become a full-stack blockchain developer.