Fall 2020 Fundamentals Webinar


Blockchain at Berkeley is offering a free, public version of our popular Blockchain Fundamentals course – which has taught over 160,000 people to date – now with updated content! Come join our live webinars every week from September 17 to December 3rd, and stop by our office hours for personalized enrichment! Lectures are held at 6 PM PST every Thursday, and we’re also hosting industry talks at 6 PM PST on Tuesdays.

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Many people find it difficult to understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the product of coordination between many complex components; and it’s hard to see the full picture until all the individual components are fully understood. Furthermore, since the field is technical and relatively new, cryptocurrency-related discussion by nature is full of jargon. Therefore, it is easy to get lost trying to follow nearly any conversation on crypto/blockchain if you have not built up the right background.

The goal of this course is to surmount the steep learning curve of cryptocurrency. By the end of this course you will understand how cryptocurrencies work and the ideas, technologies, and organizations sprouting from it.

WeekTopicLecture SlidesLecture RecordingsIndustry Talks
1Bitcoin Protocol and Consensus: A High Level OverviewWeek 1 SlidesWeek 1 Recording
2Bitcoin to Blockchain HistoryWeek 2 SlidesWeek 2 Recording
3Bitcoin Mechanics and Optimizations - A Technical OverviewWeek 3 SlidesWeek 3 RecordingCatherine Coley
4Interacting With Bitcoin: Wallets, Mining, and MoreWeek 4 SlidesWeek 4 Recording
5Bitcoin in the Wild: Game Theory and AttacksWeek 5 SlidesWeek 5 RecordingAustin Griffith
6Trust without Trust: Distributed Systems & ConsensusWeek 6 SlidesWeek 6 Recording
7Ethereum and Smart Contracts: Enabling a Decentralized FutureWeek 7 SlidesWeek 7 RecordingEmre Tekisalp
8Cryptocurrencies for the Masses: Scaling BlockchainWeek 8 SlidesWeek 8 Recording
9Conclusions: A Blockchain Powered FutureWeek 9 SlidesWeek 9 Recording

Day and Time: Thursdays at 6 PM PST, Sep 17th to Dec 3rd
Course Staff: Erika Badalyan, Sehyun Chung, Andrew Kirillov, Janice Ng
Communication: Primarily through email. Course email is education@blockchain.berkeley.edu

Webinars (Thurs, 6PM PST): https://zoom.us/j/91700255710?pwd=eGxhZ3dqN3ZLeC83T2FNcXRNeWZmQT09
Industry Talks (Tues, 6PM PST): https://zoom.us/j/91700255710?pwd=eGxhZ3dqN3ZLeC83T2FNcXRNeWZmQT09