Distributed Systems Simulation

Consensus mechanisms are a core topic in distributed systems. Consensus can be approximated or avoided (as with traditional internet architecture), or can be explicitly defined and executed in conjunction with Sybil control systems, as with many of the projects in the blockchain space. We design a system for simulating relaxed instances of various consensus mechanisms. The system is firstly an educational tool focused on a clean user experience, but the modularity of design and data pipeline have been carefully considered for future data analysis/ML workloads.

edX Blockchain for Developers

Blockchain at Berkeley is launching the Blockchain for Developers course on edX, which will provide prospective developers a comprehensive overview of relevant topics in blockchain development, as well as hands on experience in developing and deploying their own smart contracts. The course will cover the fundamentals of blockchain, the Solidity programming language, as well as relevant industry tools such as Metamask, Geth, Truffle, and Ganache. Through completing the course, students will be confident in their ability to develop and deploy blockchain-based solutions on important industry issues.


Financial Class Papers

The Financial Instrumentation team of Blockchain at Berkeley has switched gears from its past semester of researching bonds, derivatives, and credit swaps to topics in developing economies and the potential blockchain has in stimulating and revitalizing economies. From corruption and fluctuating currencies to foreign direct investment and identity ownership, we are eager to investigate how blockchain can reduce income inequality, curb centuries of societal injustice, and move towards global progression.

Privacy Research

This project is focused on learning and contributing to zero-knowledge research. We start with modular math, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and other cryptographic protocols, so we can understand their relation to technical implementation of zero knowledge proofs with the goal of contributing to current open-source projects working on zk theory, development, and optimization.


Derivatives Platform Research

Working on revolutionizing the financial industry through a better exchange to replace the slow swaps/bonds/forwards market. We aim to equalize potential in the financial industry through decentralization.

Department Members

Co-Head of Education

Hello! I’m happy to be your Head of Education along with the brilliance that is Rustie Lin. Previously, I taught the Blockchain Fundamentals DeCal on campus, and led workshops and guest lectured at a potpourri of conferences and hackathons. Before Education, I served on some early consulting projects as well. You’re always welcome to come talk to me about anything, but I’m particularly interested in healthcare’s intersection with technology. In terms of blockchain, that manifests itself in varied interests in security & privacy, cryptography and distributed consensus. I love to read, learn new languages, play literally any sport except racquetball, and meet new people! Reach out!

Co-Head of Education

I’m currently the Head of Education alongside the wonderful Gillian Chu. In my previous life, I was most widely known for leading the Blockchain Fundamentals edX initiative. I have also spoken as a guest lecturer for the Blockchain Fundamentals DeCal on UC Berkeley campus a number of times, as well as led talks and workshops internationally on various technical blockchain topics. Before joining Education, I dabbled in multiple externally facing consulting and R&D projects. My primary interests are in distributed and parallel computing, systems design, and science communication. Outside of B@B, you can find me at any of the various cafes around Berkeley enjoying a pour over coffee and dreaming about blockchains, multicloud, and other big networked systems.

Course Administrator and Researcher

Although French, I lived most of my life in New York and Hong Kong before landing here at Berkeley and at B@B. I am an Economics major student in my third year, and I also take classes in data sciences and computer sciences on the side. I am interested in any topic that spans economics, finance and politics and on how blockchain can transform these spheres. Member of the Financial Instrumentation and Development Economics research projects, I seek to use my knowledge and interests in these topics to teach people on how blockchain could revolutionize our societies. Last semester, I was the Course Administrator and a TA for the Blockchain Fundamentals Decal course on campus, which was a great experience that allowed me to both learn about blockchain and kick off my experience as an educator at B@B.

General Member

Hi, I’m Brian! I was born and raised in SoCal, and I’m currently a third-year undergrad at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS).

In the past, I’ve helped lead a course on Blockchain Fundamentals which covers a variety of topics in the cryptocurrency and the wider blockchain space (go check it out!). Some of the things I’m particularly interested in include cybersecurity (particularly smart contract security), cryptoeconomics & protocol design, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs aka CryptoKitties).

While I’m not busy coding away on my computer, you might find me napping (99% of the time), (still) playing Pokemon Go, drooling over food/cooking videos (Buzzfeed/Tasty videos anyone?), or clicking “Going” to random events on Facebook.

Decal Teacher Advisor, Researcher

Hey! My name is Janice, and I am a Third Year Computer Science and Cognitive Science undergraduate student at UC Berkeley from Hong Kong. I am currently a Teacher Advisor for the Blockchain Fundamentals Decal, as well as the edX course! My previous projects have been research on Distributed Hash Tables and Electronic Health Records within Blockchain. My core interest is in Blockchain, Computational Psychiatry, Probability, and the intersection of technology and healthcare. Outside of the tech world, I play a lot of basketball, create too many Spotify playlists, cafe hop, and cook! 

Feel free to reach out – I am always open for insightful conversations!

Project Manager, Financial Instrumentation

Hey! I am Urvi, currently the Project Manager for the Financial Instrumentation project. I was previously in Consulting, working on putting the Renewable Energy Certificate marketplace on the blockchain. I am particularly excited by applications of blockchain in finance and sustainability. Outside of B@B, I love playing badminton, drinking boba, and eating. Feel free to reach out to me – always happy to chat! 🙂

Content Creator, edX Blockchain for Developers

Hi, I’m Omkar and I’m a third year studying electrical engineering and computer science. I believe that blockchain technology has a lot of potential which can be realized by a larger and more enthusiastic talent pool, and I want to be involved in making that happen. This is my first semester on B@B and I am currently an instructor for the developers education Meetups series as well as the Blockchain for Developers edX course that is currently being developed. Outside of blockchain, I like singing with my a cappella team, playing badminton and meeting new people!

Instructor, edX Blockchain for Developers

Hello everyone! My name is Matt Peng and I am a freshman here at Berkeley studying electrical engineering and computer science. I am really interested in crypto economics especially crypto exchanges and how they are built. I wasn’t too big on trading Bitcoin but am fascinated with new and upcoming coins. Within B@B, I am working on the blockchain developer edX course as a content creator. As a teacher, I pride myself in helping to lead the next generation of blockchain developers! Though blockchain is a big part of my life, I also do enjoy watching my Minnesota Vikings play and fishing.

Privacy Researcher

I am a second year Computer Science major at UC Berkeley interested in cryptographic protocols and security. I have led the Blockchain Fundamentals class for one semester, a university accredited course here at Berkeley, developed a cryptosystems working group which implemented various cryptographic protocols, and am now looking into zero-knowledge proofs. In the past, I interned with MetaMask at ConsenSys as a software engineer intern developing UI/UX features and currently serve as the co-founder of she256, a non-profit aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in the blockchain sphere.


Hey everyone! My name is Faiz and I am a senior at Berkeley studying Political Economy with a concentration in International Trade. I am fascinated in studying capital markets, macroeconomic trends, impact investing, financial valuation methodologies, and social enterprise. In BaB, I work as a member of the financial instrumentation team, conducting research in transitioning bond and swap trading onto a blockchain platform, as well as topics in using blockchain to alleviate the pressures of developing economies, i.e., corruption, fluctuating currencies, etc. Outside of BaB, I am interested in sports, music, politics, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures! Hit me up if you ever want to chat!

Project Manager, edX Blockchain for Developers

I’m currently a second year at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science. I’m leading the Blockchain for Developers edX initiative along with a 6-weeks technical workshop series about Blockchain development at UC Berkeley. Apart from education, I also helped designing and developing the digital identity system for homeless people called “identiX”, it enables homeless people get their identities verified without carrying physical IDs by storing their information on Blockchain. Outside of B@B, I love cars, extreme sports and traveling. Feel free to chat with me.

Instructor, edX Blockchain for Developers

Hi! My name is Tim and I am a first-year student studying computer science and economics. I’m very excited about the potential of blockchain technology to transform existing industries, making our world more efficient, more transparent, and more democratized. In the past, I’ve served as a Teaching Assistant for the Blockchain Fundamentals course on campus, where I helped students understand topics ranging from distributed systems and crypto-economics to game theory and security. I’ve also worked on a cryptography project and developed implementations of encryption and digital-signature systems. Currently, I’m working as an instructor for the Blockchain for Developers edX initiative, which aims to provide students a comprehensive understanding of Ethereum and smart-contract development.

Content Creator, edX Blockchain for Developers

Hello! I’m Nishaad, I’m currently a fourth-year at UC Berkeley studying Economics and Computer Science.

Some of the things I’ve worked on in the past include helping to write Blockchain at Berkeley’s previous EdX course, co-instructing the university’s flagship curricular blockchain course, modeling the tokenization of energy assets, and trying to create a new from of decision making based on bets. I’m particularly interested in how blockchain interacts with the world of economics and it can be used to incentivize people to make effective and socially beneficial choices.

You’ll usually find me trying to teach myself new stuff on the internet (these days I am trying to make a tool using the Spotify API), debating the intricacies of life with my friends, or buying La Croix at the supermarket.

Content Creator, edX Blockchain for Developers

Hi! My name is Jenny, and I am a second-year CS major. I joined BAB last semester as a developer and our internal project was to solve the Low-carbon fuel standard credit trading problem. We created a prototype for the generation, management, and trading of these credits using Ethereum. This semester, I am joining the education department as a content creator for the edx Blockchain for Developers course. I am also continuing the internal project last semester and joining the external project team as a developer. Outside of blockchain, I like to read, sometimes write a little, doodle on my iPad, and just enjoy a sip of boba.