Fall 2019 Projects

Distributed Systems Simulation

Consensus mechanisms are a core topic in distributed systems. Consensus can be approximated or avoided (as with traditional internet architecture), or can be explicitly defined and executed in conjunction with Sybil control systems, as with many of the projects in the blockchain space. We design a system for simulating relaxed instances of various consensus mechanisms. The system is firstly an educational tool focused on a clean user experience, but the modularity of design and data pipeline have been carefully considered for future data analysis/ML workloads.

edX Blockchain for Developers

Blockchain at Berkeley is launching the Blockchain for Developers course on edX, which will provide prospective developers a comprehensive overview of relevant topics in blockchain development, as well as hands on experience in developing and deploying their own smart contracts. The course will cover the fundamentals of blockchain, the Solidity programming language, as well as relevant industry tools such as Metamask, Geth, Truffle, and Ganache. Through completing the course, students will be confident in their ability to develop and deploy blockchain-based solutions on important industry issues.


Financial Class Papers

The Financial Instrumentation team of Blockchain at Berkeley has switched gears from its past semester of researching bonds, derivatives, and credit swaps to topics in developing economies and the potential blockchain has in stimulating and revitalizing economies. From corruption and fluctuating currencies to foreign direct investment and identity ownership, we are eager to investigate how blockchain can reduce income inequality, curb centuries of societal injustice, and move towards global progression.

Privacy Research

This project is focused on learning and contributing to zero-knowledge research. We start with modular math, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and other cryptographic protocols, so we can understand their relation to technical implementation of zero knowledge proofs with the goal of contributing to current open-source projects working on zk theory, development, and optimization.


Derivatives Platform Research

Working on revolutionizing the financial industry through a better exchange to replace the slow swaps/bonds/forwards market. We aim to equalize potential in the financial industry through decentralization.

Spring 2020 Department Members

Co-Head of Education

Hello! I’m Janice and I am currently an undergraduate double majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. I am currently one of the Teacher Advisors for the Blockchain Fundamentals Class offered to undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley, and a Teacher Advisor foreseeing this year’s BerkeleyX Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate MOOC program on edX, reaching over 102,000 students from 192 countries from around the world. In addition, I am currently doing research on the applications of blockchain in healthcare, politics, and finance. Outside of Blockchain at Berkeley, I am a Technical Ambassador for JP Morgan’s Quorum, and have recently co-authored a published research paper on: The Disruptions of 5G on Data-driven Technologies and Applications, under the National University of Singapore. My core interests lie in Blockchain, Computational Psychiatry, and the intersection of technology and healthcare. In my spare time, I like to play basketball, cook, go on road trips with my friends, and listen to music.

Co-Head of Education

I am CompSci & CogSci double major at UC Berkeley. I led the Blockchain for Developer workshop in spring 2019 and I’m also in charge of making content and teaching the new Blockchain for Developer decal in Spring 2020. Right now, I’m also involved in making the usability layer for Interledger Protocol. Besides school, I like motorcycling, playing drums, watching films and road trip with my friends.

Project Lead (NFT Experiments)

Hi, I’m Brian! I was born and raised in SoCal, and I’m currently wrapping up my fourth-year of undergrad at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) and Economics. On campus, I’m heavily involved with Blockchain at Berkeley and its education side, helping lead a course on Blockchain Fundamentals which covers a variety of topics in the cryptocurrency and the wider blockchain space (go check it out!). Some of the things I’m particularly interested in include cybersecurity (particularly smart contract security), cryptoeconomics & protocol design, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs aka CryptoKitties). I also lead the Web Team at Innovative Design where I teach about UI/UX design principles and how to apply it to web development! This summer, I worked at Dapper Labs (the quirky team that brought you CryptoKitties, Cheeze Wizards, and Dapper Wallet) who are using the power of play to bring blockchain-based experiences to the next wave of users and adopters. I’m currently working on a new scalable blockchain called Flow as a core developer, building out necessary tooling to better enable developers to build dApps! While I’m not busy coding away on my computer, you might find me napping (99% of the time), (still) playing Pokemon Go, drooling over food/cooking videos (Bon Appetit/Buzzfeed/Tasty videos anyone?), or clicking “Going” to random events on Facebook.


I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley born and raised in San Francisco, California. Currently, I am a Behavioral Economics major. My major highlights my interests for consumer psychology, economics, Kahneman, and Thaler, and allows me to create a self-designed major that concludes in a 40-page research paper. I am interested in computational psychiatry and the blockchain’s potential to better society by being used for social good.

DeCal Teaching Assistant

Hi! My name is Haena Lee, and I am currently a second-year intending to major in Computer Science and Art Practice. I’ve started my journey in blockchain education by currently being a member of the project team writing a textbook geared toward a non-technical audience and a discussion teaching assistant for our organization’s Blockchain Fundamentals DeCal. I’m still pretty new to blockchain in general, but topics related to security, cryptoeconomics, and the use of blockchain in criminal activities in particular fascinate me. When I’m not frantically typing away at my computer and chugging down a bunch of sugar/caffeine, I really like to cook, eat ice cream, play video games, and draw things not intended for one of my classes!


 I am a freshman studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Blockchain interests me as an incredible system to incentivize various stakeholders to work together using carefully-designed technical implementations. Right now, I am leading discussions at the Blockchain Fundamental DeCal course, writing a textbook to explain this technical subject to non-technical readers, and learning about decentralized identity management. Besides Blockchain at Berkeley, I like to go to hackathons [a lot of them!] and build new prototypes. Previously, I helped design Muse 2, the most popular consumer brain-computer interface on the market and worked at HAX, a hardware-focused venture capital firm, helping out with investment decisions and R&D support for portfolio companies. You can learn more about the things I make on my personal website: When I am not writing code or holding my soldering iron, I like to have some coffee, read classical Greek literature, and bike/scoot around neighborhoods.

DeFi Project Lead

I am a senior studying Computer Science & Economics. I am interested in making the financial markets (in particular OTC markets) more efficient through the use of blockchain. I am interested in everything decentralized finance and always happy to chat!

Privacy Researcher

I am a second year Computer Science major at UC Berkeley interested in cryptographic protocols and security. I have led the Blockchain Fundamentals class for one semester, a university accredited course here at Berkeley, developed a cryptosystems working group which implemented various cryptographic protocols, and am now looking into zero-knowledge proofs. In the past, I interned with MetaMask at ConsenSys as a software engineer intern developing UI/UX features and currently serve as the co-founder of she256, a non-profit aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in the blockchain sphere.

Decentralized ID project Co-Leader

I am a 4th year EECS major interested in teaching and interacting with new blockchain enthusiasts, and discussing and working on interesting use-cases. I’m particularly interested in large scale adoption of Blockchain technologies and hearing about cool initiatives in the area. Hit me up if you find something cool!