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Our consulting division provides first class consulting services to Fortune 500 organizations, ranging from technical Proof of Concepts to advisory and consultation. We work closely with clients who are seeking to better understand and implement blockchain-based solutions by helping them in both the use case ideation and implementation processes, and provide clients with a full suite of resources, education, and access to our highly-qualified consultant and developer pool.

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You can get involved with the Open Blockchain Research Lab by becoming a sponsor, a researcher, or an adviser. We work closely with sponsors to identify key technological blockers for deployment-ready blockchain infrastructure and propose potential research projects to address those blockers. Researchers and advisers work directly with our open-source research and development efforts to help co-author our technical papers and software repositories.

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Our consultants are experienced in establishing thorough proof of concepts, creating pilot programs, use-case research, and developing enterprise blockchain solutions that have been immediately implemented into the daily operations of some of the world’s largest corporations.

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Industry Project

Developed a distributed loyalty rewards system using distributed ledger technology:

In Spring 2018, Blockchain at Berkeley worked with ExxonMobil in the creation of a full-stack distributed loyalty rewards application. The project was designed to leverage the tamper-resistant properties of a distributed ledger, reducing reliance on external auditability and trust costs

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